Miracle on Kigwa Road

From all of us at KKV, we pray that your Christmas was filled with the joy that only Jesus can bring, and that the New Year will bring greater revelation of His love for you.
Christmas day proved to be such a day for us a KKV. A new friend, Malcolm, was bringing his family and a few people from his photography studio to spend Christmas with the kids. He planned a photo shoot to give to us as a gift, brought people to do face painting, and some snacks for the kids. They arrived at 11:00am, and Sue and I thought that we would introduce them and then have a day to relax and enjoy family. Things started a bit slow, so we hung out for a bit with everyone. We sang a few Christmas carols and talked about the greatest gift ever, the Lord Jesus. Then the most amazing thing began to happen. I was called to the gate to meet a couple visitors. They were out for the day looking to bless a Children’s home and were directed here. I no sooner brought them in to join the fun under the banda when it happened again; a lady from about an hour and a half drive away felt God telling her to be a blessing. She went out and bought some things and just started driving until she found KKV. After her came a young man from our neighborhood with the same story. Then a local Gospel recording artist came with her family, including her daughter who appears weekly on a local TV station. All said and done, we had about 50 visitors throughout the day, wanting to come and hang with the kids. They brought gifts of food, clothes, candy and snacks as well as money to bless KKV.
Our plan was to have lunch at 2, then 3, and so on, but we finally ate around 5:30. The most amazing thing was the satisfaction of being a small part of this miracle. I understood what Jesus said to the disciples at the well in Samaria. My food is to do the work of the one who sent me. I was satisfied in my heart, soul and body in such an wonderful way. It was a miraculous day! I’m so glad that God isn’t limited to our small plans. He is amazing.
We pray that God will bless each of you, our friends, in this wonderful season, and that your year will be filled with the goodness of the Living God.

  • Wow!! That was a Memory!!

    Wow!! That was a Christmas to REMEMBER!!

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