Well, it has been a weekand a half now since we started seeing water out of the new bore hole and we are enjoying its benefits daily… It took a few days to get used to the new system and re-arrange the supplies to our various parts of the Village, but now we are operating smoothly for the most part. This week also gave us another opportunity to help out not only our own kids, but those of a neighboring home for street kids. They and been without water for five days now and asked us for help… Actually, we had offered them help in the process of applying for the bore hole permit and are more than happy to help… The water level in the well is more than we can use and we are finding out how much water we use for 24 kids and staff… Some days we use as much as 3000 gallons of water… Lots of diapers and lots of training of our staff needed…

Once again, we need to pay this thing off and appreciate every effort great and small to this end. When I last checked with Susan in our US office, we had recieved $600 more Dollars since we began the project three weeks ago. That means we still need $11,900 to pay off the project. We also have an additional project to complete the water system at KKV. A water tower tank that will make our water system efficient. Right now we have to pump the water into our storage tanks and then push it one more time into the storage tanks in the ceiling of Faith House. With the water tower we will only have to pump water once and then everything will be done by gravity feed. We’ll mention more about that later. First lets get this first part paid for and then onward.

More pictures to follow soon.

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