Bore Hole Paid for and Bancy’s Bill is coming down

Greetings from rural Kenya. God is providing for Kings Kids Village. So much has happened in the last week, our heads are spinning… First, God has provided enough money to pay for the Bore Hole project. In fact, we have enough to complete the project by building the water storage facility. Thank all of you who contributed. Our sights are now set for the next project in our development… Our Educational complex is next in our sights… More about that in our next post.

We were out in the Mount Kenya region on Sunday for a very important function. We went to Bancy’s home village to attend a thanksgiving service at her home church, honoring God for saving her life last June. After the service, we also had a fund raiser to offset her pending hospital bill. We were able to raise over $2,300. Praise God. That will bring the balance we owe the hospital down to about $2,500 (1/4 of the $10,000 owed by July, 2007) At the end of the day, all were invited to Bancy’s house for a full meal of the fresh food that is so abundant there. The church has also offered to help Kings Kids Village on a regular basis by gathering offerings of fresh fruit and vegetables from their congregation enough to fill our van.

Another blessing is that a local grocery store has just doubled its monthly contribution to Kings Kids Village as of this week. It works out to $125 in groceries a month… That is a real blessing to our moms who have to buy Pampers from time to time…

You can still donate to the Bancy hsopital bill project, or designate funds for our bore hole project since some of the money we are using to pay for the project are undesgnated funds… See our Paypal facility or contact Sue at

God bless and thanks again for your interest in Kings Kids Village… Jon and Molly

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