Bore Hole brings water – New KKV Kids

Today saw the pump being lowered to 72 meters and by evening, we had water being pumped out of the well. Tomorrow should see the system supplying water to our reserve tanks as they put on the final touches of connecting the pump into the system….
We are getting together an update on how much we still have to come up with to pay for this well. We’ll get that to you asap. After we pay for the well, we are already planning to put in a water tower that will feed all our reserve tanks and houses without having to pump water except to the water tower.Also,we got our newest Kings Kids today… Check out the pics…

The piture above is of the three kids and their sick father. Their mother passed away recently. Below, they are pitured with their future Mom here at Kings Kids Village. Christabel and her husband Joshua will do their best to bring these kids and minister to them in their distress…
More later,

Jon and Molly Stern

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