Tray and Lydia visiting Stateside Soon – Maybe Near You…

These are exciting days here at Kings Kids Village. This is our year of new beginnings. Tray and Lydia are onboard officially at KKV and have joined us on the Encouragers Unlimited Team as well. AND…

Tray and Lydia have finally gotten their paperwork finished and are coming to visit the US in June. They are due to arrive in New York City on June 11th and plan to visit many places in the East and Mid-West in their two month stay.

On the personal side, it is so great that Tray will finally get to meet the part of the Stern Family he has not met yet and see where our “Home” is.

On the KKV/Encouragers side, they want to meet as many of you as is possible in that short stay and everywhere they go, they will be lighting the torch for Kings Kids Village. They will be setting their itinerary soon and we’ll post it ASAP. If you would like to connect with or meet them and their wonderful children (our grandchildren), let us know and they will do what they can to meet up.

Write them at

More to come as plans form.

So excited… Jon and Molly

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