Happy Mothers Day, Mama Stern

Happy Mother’s Day’ Mama Stern

On the eve of Mother’s Day 2018, our thoughts go to our Mama Stern, who was at our side on Mother’s Day, 2017 here in Nairobi. Today, although far away from us in Kenya, she is faithfully serving the Lord in her next phase of life, residing in an independent living retirement community in Lincoln, Nebraska. We honor you, Mama, for being the vision bearer of Kings Kids Village. Because of you, and your obedience to patiently carry the vision for 51 years after the Lord spoke to you as a young lady, to begin Kings Kids Village. Thank you for not giving up on the Lord’s vision of KKV. Today, over fifty children are safe and are in various stages of growing up in a loving Christ-centered environment.
Thanks, also, for putting your hands to the task when the Lord spoke to you in 2001. Proverbs 14:23 says that “Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty.” The vision of KKV has thrived because you and Dad modeled the ethic of throwing yourselves into the work and seeing the vision accomplished by the Lord’s help through the work of your hands. You weren’t afraid to get your hands dirty as you worked with government officials, lawyers and contractors to develop our beautiful campus. 
Also, thanks for giving Molly and me the privilege of serving you in the vision. It is said that success cannot happen without a successor. From day one, you brought Molly and me in to join you and then to take over the helm of KKV and Encouragers. If it was difficult for you to let go, it never seemed that way from the way you spoke and acted. Thank you for modeling that level of grace.
Thanks for the vision and values you handed down to us at KKV. Today, our kids are among the best cared for children among all children’s homes in Kenya. Setting us up as a group home (family style set-up) and insuring that there is always a father figure nearby has done so much to secure a bright future for all of our kids. As with all children’s homes, there are challenges, but even when there is a problem, we can rejoice that our kids are so well taken care of they are free to express themselves, even if that expression is of a doubt.
Finally, thanks, Mom, for being our mom. You and Dad started a legacy that has spanned four generations now. With your 4 children, 23 grand-children and 35 great-grand-children (and 3 more on the way), you have modeled before us the faith of never letting financial concerns get in the way of following the Lord. They say that to maintain a culture you have to have at least a 2.1 growth rate. Well, our culture is alive and well, thanks to you and Dad.
 On this Mother’s Day, Molly and I, Joe and Sarah, our other offspring, our kids, grand-kids, KKV Staff and Family wish you blessed days, filled with joy, peace and purpose. We love you.
Your son, Jon

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