This Week at Kings Kids Village

What a wonderful week we have enjoyed here at KKV. It is great to day by day see a bit more of the walls for our new school. Progress is going well and we are very excited to see the vision coming to pass. We did have one unwelcome visitor, a 3 foot long black snake. Fortunately our guards eliminated that problem quickly. Thank God for His protection and the great guards we have.

Our church had an amazing Christmas Cantata on Friday evening. Two of our girls were part of the program. Judy was in the Christmas choir, and Essy was part of the dance/drama performance. Jon, Molly and Jim  sang in the choir and also played an instrumental trio, with Jon on guitar, Molly on flute, and Jim on Soprano Sax. It was an amazing night.

Once again we were blessed by a group of five great people who came to bring a Christmas gift for each house. They brought laundry soap, flour, toothpaste and more.  God is so faithful.

We, as KKV, enjoyed a fantastic feast today. Many thanks to Mary Beth Davidson from Love Joy Church in New York for her generous gift which provided this wonderful feast for us. Thanks also to our great caterers from Nairobi Lighthouse Church for adding to our feast as well. We also want to thank Jon and Molly for their tireless years of love and service to Kings Kids Village. They added to the feast some roast goat and chickens. The only thing that might have made the day better is if they were here with us to celebrate. The great news is that they are on a much deserved vacation. We look forward to their return after the New Year.

To all who pray for us and support us, we say thank you for demonstrating the heart of the Father, who gave Jesus, His very best. We as Kings Kids Village would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas

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