This Week at Kings Kids Village

Sunday afternoon was so amazing here at KKV. We had a bus and several personal vehicles come rolling into the compound. About 70 people from the Nairobi Lighthouse Church’s Insight School of Leaders came to spend a few hours here with us. They split into two teams. The first team spent time rubbing paces, while the second team played games with the kids, then they switched. For those who may not understand what rubbing paces means, we have been given permission to use used curriculum for our school. This saves us between ten and twelve thousand dollars per year. The catch is that each of the 2500 individual paces must have the answers disguised and then erased (rubbed), which is very time consuming. The amount of rubbing done on Sunday saved us around thirty six man-hours. What a great blessing. Pastor Don was one of the three pastors who participated in the day’s events. This is after just returning from a missions trip to Baghdad and preaching at both morning services. We were so blessed by his example of servant leadership, as well as the level of commitment both he and Nairobi Lighthouse Church have for our kids. As their time drew to a close, they brought out a gift consisting of many kilos of flour and rice, as well as toothpaste, bar and laundry soap and toilet paper. One of the cell groups also presented us with a check. The generosity with their time as well as finances was an inspiration not only to the kids, but also to us as directors and staff as well. We thank God for the partnership we have with Pastor Don and Nairobi Lighthouse Church. They are the best, and we love and appreciate all that they do to help us in raising our kids.

Wednesday was a Kenyan holiday, so we decided to take some time to teach the kids about recycling and taking care of what has been entrusted to us. Jim and Sue organized the kids into groups, and we spent some time cleaning up the compound. We reviewed the ways to recycle our trash, including plastic, metal, glass and paper. We also use food scraps such as orange peels or avocado skins as compost for our garden. The kids did a great job cleaning the compound and working as a team. Here in Kenya the cost of waste management is very high, so many people dispose of trash on the streets or wherever it lands. We are committed to raising a generation that will change that culture.

Thursday we were honored to have Pastor Nelson, an associate pastor at NLC as well as a member of the board of KKV, come and speak to us during our chapel time. His message from Psalm 1 challenged all of us to live a Christian lifestyle 24/7, choose our relationships wisely, and develop Godly character. We are honored to have had him here at KKV both Sunday and Thursday, and grateful for all he does for Kings Kids Village.

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