This Week at Kings Kids Village

We had a wonderful time with “Uncle Bill,” who arrived here last Thursday afternoon. He taught our kids some songs, and they were able to teach him a couple as well. The kids loved the teaching on praise and worship Bill did, and we marched from place to place with our kazoo “trumpets,” a gift he brought. After a few rehearsals, we recorded a video tour of KKV, with Helen and Irene as our tour guides, for Bill to take back to his elementary school. We included the song Lean On Me that Bill teaches his students. It was a lot of fun. We bid Bill a fond farewell Monday morning and look forward to the next time he visits us.

We celebrated Irene’s 14th birthday with songs, prayer and cake. We are so blessed to have her with us and wish her many happy years to come. Another milestone we celebrated is Christen Stern graduating from high school. She has worked very hard and we are proud of her accomplishment. Christen will be doing a 3 month mission trip to Lamu and we believe for God to do great things both in and through her.

Speaking of school, things are in high gear for our opening day this Monday. At the teacher’s meeting Thursday Molly announced that Sue Christie would be the new Head Teacher here at Kings Kids Village School. Sue has 8 years of teaching experience in the States as well as administrative experience. We are excited about the team that God has brought together. All of the teachers have prepared their classrooms and are looking forward to the next semester with their students.

Our final news of the week is to say that step number one is complete for the new school building. We have been approved by the Nairobi City Council to build. The next step is to submit the drawings, and then to break ground. Please believe with us that ground-breaking will begin by the end of this month.

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