Let’s Go Back to the Future

It has been far to long since I have updated this blog. While I can not give a promise of a weekly update, every effort will be made to post on a more regular basis.

If I would even dare to keep silent any longer, the rocks would begin to cry of of the awesome faithfulness of God to our 40 kids here at Kings Kids Village.Let’s take a brief journey “Back to the Future”, shall we? The Mary C. Hensold Education Resource Center has gone from a wonderful dream to an amazing reality. We are now half way through the first term of it being occupied.  Running parallel with this project was another to construct a new wall across the front of our campus, giving us much needed security for our kids. Both of these large projects have been completed, and through the faithfulness of God and many generous people, they are paid in full. To God be all the glory! We have endeavored to give our kids a level of computer literacy using outdated desktop computers, and have tried to be faithful with what we had. I am blessed to say that six new laptop computers have been donated to our school from a store here in Kenya! We also have some dear friends in the UK who have been faithful partners with us. They raised funds enough to purchase a brand new Canon copy machine for the school, as well as mice and keyboards to use with the laptops so as to extend their life. Dear friends and family from the US have made contributions so that we now have a great start on our own library. Of course there is plenty of room for more books, but we have many new books on our shelves. In January, up to 24 students from our friends at Rhema and Ahadi orphanages willl be using a part of our school for their older kids. It’s awesome to be able to touch many other kids lives!

In just this past week, when funds have been a bit tight due to rising prices, we have seen first a donation of 140 kgs. of maize meal and then another 24 kgs. of maize meal and 50 kgs. of rice donated by some wonderful people here in Kenya who just wanted to bless our kids. We have been blessed with a couple of vouchers from a store to purchase some esentials for the kids as well.

Through all this time we have also had some wonderful volunteers. I couldn’t name all, for fear of missing someone.

Even though we have faced many challenges and obstacles, one thing remains: God always takes care of these kids. And as for all the amazing people who have been His hands and feet, be assured that God keeps good books and reward those who bless the orphans.

  • Tiffany Hampson

    Amen!! So blessed to be apart of what God’s doing here. Can’t wait to see what He does next. 🙂

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