June 7th, 2014

We are excited about our first ever KKV Boot Sale coming up this Saturday here on the campus of Kings Kids Village. What, may you ask, is a boot sale? It is a yard sale for people to seel just about anything they want to sell out of the “boot” (trunk) of their vehicle.

The way it works, is that…

1. Set up shop at a fee that goes directly for Kings Kids Village.
2. Donate something to sell, which proceeds will go directly to KKV, can come and donate to our KKV Sale table.

3. Bring a gift directly into the home, either in kind or in cash.

4. Donate some or all of the proceeds of your boot sale to KKV.

Come out and support us and have some great fun together with us.

Jon and Molly Stern – Directors – Kings Kids Village

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