Going Solar: Step One

Our long term goal at Kings Kids Village is to be totally off the grid of one of the most expensive Power grids in the world… that of the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. At present we spend approximately $600 a month for just lighting, some energy efficient water heaters and to pump about 10,000 gallons of water a week from 430 feet down to cater to the water needs of over 60 people who live and work on campus.

We are starting this project with a grant from Malaysia that will fund making our bore hole water operation solar powered. Our bore hole pump is now going to be powered by the sun and should knock a chunk off our monthly power bill. We are looking forward to seeing our overhead drop as we continue to become energy efficient and more financially independent. Look for updates on the completion of this phase and the announcement of our next phase of powering our operation from the sun. Jon Stern

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