It’s the short season again

Each year, May through August, we brace for a shortage in giving. It seems to be a pattern the past few years, and I just heard from my sister that this year is no exception. We are $4,000.00 short of our regular giving so far this month. It may be that some of our supporters don’t give till the very end of the month, but we have just come through May by just making it… We didn’t have to go to austerity measures, but it was touch and go and with some extra support locally, we made it.. So, if you are a regular supporter, we need your faithfulness now more than ever, and if you are not a regular supporter, we need you to help us get though the summer drought so to speak.

Having said that, we are also pushing ahead in several projects that should help us lower our budget from this side and actually generate some local financing for KKV. We are now harvesting kale and Swiss Chard bi weekly from our greenhouse. We are also raising local funding of about $3,000 to finish our Tilapia project. We have plans to do the same to start goat and chicken projects. We are trying to depend less on outside income and more on locally generated funding. To the there, however, it will require some investment for a time. Thanks for making that investment. God bless you one and all…  Jon and Molly

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