Hurray! I finished!

Dear Friends of KKV,

I am pleased to announce that the Half Marathon went well, other than a few hitches, and I am recovering fine… I had two goals in Sunday’s race… 1. To finish… 2. To be alive and well at the finish line… Both were accomplished including getting that invaluable experience that the first one affords. I found out some very interesting things the day of the race.. First of all, I found out that I did not receive everything I was supposed to receive in my sign up packet… The two things missing were my race number bib and my race calculation chip… Both were essential for being officially given a time of completion and thence given a medal of completion… I got neither… But I have photo-chemical evidence that I actually finished the race… You can see me crossing the finish line… I looked pretty good… I looked a lot better than I felt… My (un-official) time was about 2 hours and 40 minutes… Not a bad start, but I will try to run next time instead of walk…. (Ha!)…
The best report of the day is that we were able to raise over $450 inf a matter of four days with pledges worth about $200 more that have yet to be collected… All that money is going straight into our KKV Educational Building Fund… (our next building project).The cool thing is that we have just tested the waters of this project of sports sponsorship for the home… Next year, we have great ideas to do some Stateside fund-raising as well and to get a KKV team to run the marathon and to raise local sponsorship… That reminds me… If any of you out there would like to come to Kenya to participate in next year’s marathon team, that would make a great idea for a missions trip…

Wow… I am really excited with the possibilities here….

Jon for the gang

  • Pastor Susan David

    Great job Jon!!! Never I thought I’d have a brother that ran a marathon – and at the age of 50!!!
    You are awesome!!!

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