Christmas is Coming

Dear Friends,

Christmas is just around the corner and we are in the planning stages of our first ever Kings Kids Village Christmas Party scheduled for the 6th of December right here on the campus of KKV. It is going to be an open house with lots of fun for the whole family… Our day will include exciting events like the Krazy Olympics for the kids, a sale and auction of crafts made by our kings kids, a special time to honor our founding directors, Paul and Eleanor Stern, who are coming in from the USA, as well as lots of snacks and soft drinks for all to enjoy.One of the most exciting things to me that will happen on that day is the official launch of our new club, called “Friends of KKV Club”. We will explain more about that later.
Meanwhile, the moments are ticking in preparation for Jon to run the Nairobi half-marathon this coming Sunday, October 26. We are asking friends to sponsor Jon as he runs to raise money for our new Eductional complex. If you would like to give something towards that, contact us at our Encouragers Unlimited office. or hit out paypal link and thanks for your support.

We’ll send you more after the event…

Jon and Molly at Kings Kids Village

  • sarah

    That play ground is looking WAY cool!! What a fun party that will be. Happy running Uncle Jon! We will be thinking about you (a little jealously – as we are not in such good shape) on Sunday. =)

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