Water tower is almost done

Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that it has been a month since my last post to our blog. It really betrays our busyness in the last month… We have going full bore on the water tower and have all but completed that project. We should have it up and operational by the end of next week…
The top photo shows the water tower around April 1. The strong room (shown in photo 2) has the dual purpose of stregthening the tower and providing some space saving secure space for our use. We intend to either use it for a spot for our clothes washers or for our maintainance department.This strong room will also be able to hold two more water storage tanks which could provide water for our lawns and gardens.

Photo 3 shows the tower almost complete with the steel platform half done. The second half will be welded on after the tanks are hoisted up…

Of course, Easter weekend has brought all things to a stand still, except the daily management of the kids and staff of the home… We look forward to getting on with life at KKV tomorrow (Tuesday). In this month of silence on the blog, I have been able to update the website a bit… I have made a decision that we will use the blog to be our news page instead of trying to update the one on the blog all the time. So you will see some changes there as well… I am also being coached and trained in web design and management by a person on a volunteer basis… Hopefully our website will soon have a new face… I say “hopefully” because the last time I tried to update the website, I succeeded in deleting it…. Oh the joys of the world wide web… God bless each and every one of you and thanks for standing with and or taking an interest in our endeavor.

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