This Week at Kings Kids Village

We have some very exciting news! God has blessed us with a wonderful volunteer social worker named Catherine. Over the last several weeks Catherine has been doing all the legwork from office to office, even town to town, so that we can get birth certificates for our kids. Many were abandoned and all are orphans, so it has been a long and tedious process. As of this week, we are starting to get birth certificates. Some are still in process, but they are on the way. This is such an important thing for the kids’ future. Many thanks for persisting and doing such a great job, Catherine.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have come to the conclusion that the Educational Research Center building project is too far from completion to have a dedication ceremony at this time. We had wished very much that Molly’s Dad, Dr. William Hensold, could have been here to witness the event, but it is too far from completion to honor the hard work he and so many others have put into the project.  We are hoping to have the dedication sometime in June or July.

Speaking of Dr. Hensold, he is taking all of the teachers out for a luncheon today. We have some of the best teachers that can be found. All of them go above and beyond there “jobs,” choosing to treat educating our kids as a ministry. Today is a day to honor them for all that they have done. Thank you, Dr. Hensold, for recognizing out teachers and blessing them, and for being such a blessing to Kings Kids Village.

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