This Week at Kings Kids Village

What an amazing week we had here at KKV. We learned that our van would not be out of the shop for us to use on Sunday for church. Rather than make many extra trips with the personal vehicles we have, we decided to have church under the banda.  God showed up in a powerful way during worship and the Word given by Baba Zedi, who is one of our dads as well as campus pastor. We were all touched by the presence and power of God.

Many thanks to our friends at Clarence Community Federal Credit Union and the Harris Hill Elementary School staff for teaming up in a fundraiser to raise money for each of our kids to have a new pair of shoes for Christmas. Together they raised $800. As you may imagine, keeping our 40 growing kids in shoes and sneakers is a never ending challenge. By the end of November the money will arrive and we will begin the process of buying each child a new pair of shoes. Right along with this miracle another one is unfolding. Jon and Molly went to the Bata shoe outlet store to see if they might be willing to give us a deal for purchasing all the shoes there. They were sent from the store to the executive managers’ office. Upon arriving there, they spoke to a man in the reception area, explaining why they had come. The man was very interested in what they had to say. Then he pulled out his wallet and handed them his business card and told them to write out a proposal, and he would work it out. Come to find out the man was the CEO of all the Bata stores. God showed us such favor and we are truly grateful. In the weeks to come we will share the end result of this divine appointment.

We all love the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. This week we had our own Jericho experience. Over the last several months there has been road construction right next to our compound. During the process much dirt had been piled up along a section of our wall. With the rainy time and a bulldozer driving near the wall, about a twenty foot section of wall collapsed. Once again we saw God’s hand of favor as we spoke to the construction site supervisor. He agreed to take responsibility for the wall and sent a crew to repair it. God is so good!

There is good news about our water as well. We were using much water for a long time. Even though we taught on conserving water and saw everyone do their part, it seemed like we were still using way too much. Last Friday we conducted an experiment. We had everyone not use any water for several hours to see what would happen. We discovered that water was still leaving our tanks. After a bit of digging we discovered a leak. The leak was immediately repaired and our water usage has returned to normal levels.

One more bit of news. We’ve had two swarms of bees come and take up residence. The first swarm we had exterminated. When the second swarm arrived, we decided to try a different approach. We purchased a bee box, and will be setting it up in the garden so that we can begin harvesting our own honey. As time passes and we see how this new project works, we may add a couple more boxes, giving us honey for all the homes and possibly enough to sell.

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