Thankful For Our Allies

We love this business of rescuing children. On our Facebook post for today, we highlight the life of one of our KKV kids, who, quite frankly would not be alive today if it weren’t for the efforts and expertise of people like Doctor Kariuki and those of you who have helped provide the medical care that has helped him conquer the many episodes he has suffered with sickle cell anemia. The old African proverb, “it takes a Village to raise a child” comes to life in this line of work. Each one of these children came to us because other people started the process of compassion. New Life Home and Hope House Babies Home in Nairobi (and others around the country), work together with hospitals, police stations, Government Children’s offices in rescuing orphaned or vulnerable children. When connected to these baby homes, they pray for them, nurse them, clothe them, love them, feed them, and provide the social work needed to find these little ones safe and secure places for them to land, whether that be with extended family members or facilities like ours who are willing to “be family” to them. We are so blessed to BE one of those places. We are also blessed that we have a huge VILLAGE of donors, teachers, doctors (some specialists), counselors, social workers, volunteers, and church folk who walk with us. We are not alone in the process. Most importantly, the children are NOT alone. Mostly, we thank the Lord, God of Heaven and earth who has orchestrated these efforts to answer the cry of each child. To God be the Glory. Jon and Molly Stern – KKV Board of Directors

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