Our New Guesthouse Building Update

We have been dreaming about building a guesthouse and initially kicked off the project at the beginning of 2019. We have been have been promoting it via our snail mail news letters and on social media, but have not had much interest. Recently, we realized why it may have taken time to gain momentum. We had not given you a convenient way to give to the building project. Well, all that has changed and we are proud to say that we have started a Donorbox campaign exclusively for the KKV Guesthouse.

The plans are ready to go and we have cleared land for the site. Now all we need is money to get the project off the ground. We are wanting to get about 70% of the funds raised before we break ground, because once we do, it will most likely be up and ready for the finishing touches within 2 months of ground breaking.

If you would like to give, just click on the link and fill in your information.  KKV Guesthouse Campaign

Thanks for standing with us.

Jon and Molly, Tray and Lydia and the KKV Board

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