Nairobi Marathon – Quite an Event

Dear Friends of KKV,

Sunday, October 25 was a great day for the KKV running team. What a difference from last year, when I ran alone in support of Kings Kids Village. This year was great fun and fellowship from beginning to end. It also helped that I was not running the grueling 21 k, but instead ran the 10 k. The guys and gals in the team were so excited to be running with a purpose beyond themselves. Our youngest runner was Miles Mutegi, the son of our chair person of Friends of KKV Club. He and his mom ran/walked the 3k family fun run. What a great day it was to enjoy some good exercise and fellowship.

I will be able to give a better picture of how much we were able to raise when we meet again on the 7th for our Annual KKV Fun Day, where we will honor our running team and take some more pitures of our runners.

As for all the rest of you who are reading this, it is still not too late to contribute to our runners as they raise money towards the building of our new KKV Learning Center and Office Complex.

Also, if you have not done so yet, you can also join our new Facebook group called “The Friends of KKV Club”

Hope to see you on the 7th of November


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  • brit_jerzyk

    I was writing an essay about the AIDS crisis in Africa for my International Politics class and during my research I stumbled across this amazing place and I was so moved! I was on the site looking at pictures and reading information on what you are doing and God really put this place on my heart. Under your 'ways to help' section one of the needs was prayer and I want all of you to know that KKV and everyone involved will be in my daily prayer. I'm only 18 but for the past year God has really been laying Africa on my heart so who knows, maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to visit. Just know that I will pray for your mission every day.
    Yours in prayer and in our Jesus,
    Brit 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year Jon and Molly
    I found this site on Kay Fleming FB. I am excited to see the work God has blessed you with. There is a sense of expectancy for the new year and many believe that it will be a Matthew 5:20 experience. As the evil one shows his colors, the people of God will finally say enough and take up the banner. Be encouraged as the spirit of heaven unfolds like a cloud burst and new manna is spred throughout the world. Good to come across your blog once again.
    Fundi steve turner from Harvest Fields

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