Merry Christmas from Kings Kids Village

Fatuma Joy – Always joyful

Merry Christmas from the village. We are so happy that we were able to spend some quality time with our beloved kings kids this past month. We come bearing wonderful reports of God’s faithfulness. God has been at work in our homes. The direction God gave Mom Stern in the beginning was to create a culture of family, where our kids feel at home, not just cared for by a program. One of the encouraging reports is regarding our physically challenged kids. Fatuma has been with us since 2007 and has grown up into a beautiful 20 year old woman. She has always been our in house tour guide at KKV, but with her Cerebral Palsy, she has timed out with educational and vocational training and is back at KKV, where she happily helps with cleaning and other chores in all the homes. She is happy when she is busy and we try to keep her busy.

Justin, second to left, with his siblings…

Then, there is Justin… He came to us in March of 2019 from New Life Home and is a delight to all who know him. Not long ago, we had a visit from his former care givers at New Life Home, who were completely shocked at the improvement in his physical and mental wellness since being at Kings Kids Village. What is the difference? I think that the Lord is using the spirit of Family at KKV to make a difference in the lives of our physically challenged.

These two reports move me to tears of joy and are awakening to my heart the plight of the state of these special needs kids in Kenya. We have prayed for the way forward on this. Should we start a special needs home? If not, what is the answer? How can we help more? What blows me away is that these kids are living in family with “normal” kids and it is working well for all. We give the glory to Jesus and His idea of Family. I am so glad He created man not to be alone. I believe that all kids have a felt need and we owe it to them that none of them feel alone in life. The solution has not changed. Family is the vehicle to fulfillment in life and destiny.

Molly… Always there…

This Christmas season, draw near to your family.

They are God’s idea to keep you from loneliness and alone ness during the season. From our family of KKV to yours, have a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year…

Jon and Molly, Lydia and Tray

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