KKV Promo Dinner a Success

Dear Friends, Friday, 8th August will go down in KKV history as a new beginning for the home. It was the evening of our much worked for and anticipated promotional dinner at Nairobi’s exclusive Grand Regency Hotel ballroom. From what we have heard by all who were there, the evening was a great event. From the time the first guests entered to the last one of us to leave. we had a sense of destiny there as we presented the unique concepts in orphan ministry that we have undertaken at Kings Kids Village.

The evening began with soft drinks being served in the ballroom lobby.
After that, as our guests were served their soup,
Molly and I shared with them the history of Kings Kids
and then showed a video.

After that, the main course was served buffet style
as we were entertained, first by Rebeka Matheny on the Keyboard and then by our Kings Kids as they recited poetry and Scripture. Next, our volunteer publicist, Rita Mutegi, presented with power point our present needs and future plans as a home.

Our friends and NLC colleagues Sam and Emma Mwale were instrumental in inviting our Guest of Honor. Sam is presently serving as the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President of Kenya and is well placed to help us with protocol. He is also a part of my cell group in the church.Then our Guest of Honor, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Professor Ludeki Chweya, gave the keynote speech on behalf of Kenya’s Vice President, who had been called last minute to head the Kenyan delegation of athletes to the Beijing Olympics. In his speech, he appealed to Kenyan corporations to step in and help all such homes so as to tackle the problem of Aids related orphans and children in crisis.

There was a very upbeat atmosphere and a sense that the home is becoming a model for other orphanages in the nation. Also, we are getting more and donations by those who were not able to get to the dinner itself. Thanks for all who have worked so hard to make the evening a success. Thanks to Rita for her tireless efforts on our behalf. Thanks to the Kenya Government for working with us and gracing us with their top leaders to make us better known to the corporate world in Kenya.

Thanks to Nairobi Lighthouse Church and to our pastors for being our greatest local supporter to date. About one third of all the people present were church members and almost all of our volunteer team for the Dinner were NLC members… and boy, they worked hard. Our audio visual was provided for and run by an NLC sound crew and that ensured the best sound in the city. Frankly, without our NLC body, I don’t see how we could have pulled it off.

Thanks, most of all, to God in heaven, who’s heart for the orphan is the whole foundation of what we are supposed to be as Christians. His heart is for the orphan… How can we not have a heart for them. Our motto at KKV, “Out of the forgotten will come the begotten” is right out of the Bible. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes on His name should have eternal life. God wants us to love these orphans like He loves Jesus and like Jesus loves humanity. That is the greatest gift we could ever get or offer.
Jon and Molly

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