KKV Guesthouse Update

Well, it is time to let you all know what is happening so far concerning the guesthouse. We have had quite a month since our last post and video letting you know of our plans to build a guesthouse that will serve as a sustainability project. Since that post, we have had some major challenges with our bore hole, some set backs with our transition kids and a medical challenge that resulted in a week long hospital stay. Besides the financial challenges these things presented, they also took up valuable time that could have been used in moving ahead with our Guesthouse project.

So, what we have been able to accomplish so far is the purchase of a much needed 40 foot long storage container. The site of the new guesthouse was the site of our only large storage building. Having torn that down, we have been packing up what little storage places we still have and it was not looking pretty. The new 40 foot container should meet all of our storage needs for a while as well as provide a secure place to put our deep freezers for our chicken operation.

As far as the fund raising goes, we have been able to bring in a bit of money from our appeals, but are still believing for more before we are able to break ground and begin building in earnest. Please pray for us and consider contributing to our cause. Your tax deductible gift will be well appreciated and will add to a project that will make us more sustainable locally. Thanks for your generosity.

Jon and Molly

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