Electrical Problems at KKV

Dear Friends,

We are experiencing some special challenges at KKV right now concerning electricity. We have been having fluctuating voltage for a while and recently it started affecting our bore hole water pump. Water is our life-line, so we investigated and found out that our line in from the pole to our meter had a short. In order to insure that this cannot happen again easily, we added steel conduit to shield our cable. That project cost us about $592.00 only because our local power company provided the cable itself, at a value of $1,100.00

We thought our problems were over, until the morning after the new line was hooked up. All of Faith House was evacuated at 6:30AM because a fire broke out outside the back of Faith House from what seemed to be the new cable we had just had installed. We later found out it was a fault in the cable that runs from the meter to Faith House. So, now we are doing the same thing on our side of the meter board… This time we had to pay for the cable because it is on our side of the meter. That project is costing $790.00

These projects are not included in our monthly budget that rounds out at about $9,000.00.

Now would be a great time to remember us with a donation. Go now to our donate page and make a one one time donation or more, before you do what I often do… get busy and forget…

Thanks and God bless,

Jon, for Molly and the KKV team

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