Bore Hole Being Drilled Tomorrow

This project is moving so fast it has been work to keep up with the details. It all started last Friday, Feb 2, when we got a visit from one of the three companies we had purposed to consult regarding a bore hole. Because of our mutual relationships and trust, we moved ahead quickly and made a contract to drill the bore hole. It was estimated it would take a maximum of three weeks to acquire the permits for drilling from the Nairobi City Council. Well, that process only took two days. Today (Feb 7th) equipment will arrive. Tomorrow we drill.

We’ll get some pictures of the rig when it comes. Our real need is money to pay this guy for the work he is doing. His estimate for the project including a three phase immersible pump and all the wiring and pipe to run the water to our water storage facility. Against what we have raised already, we still need $12,500.00 to meet our estimated costs. Please see our PayPal link (above) or contact my sister, Susan ( for details on how to give. Thanks for your quick response. Jon and Molly Stern

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