Bancy’s Bills are Cleared

We are flying high as we think on the goodness of the Lord concerning Bancy. We had really continued to feel the financial pressure associated with the whole thing. We also have to thank the six doctors who agreed to waive the greater share of their charges to Bancy. Many thanks to Dr. Wangai, our family doctor for spearheading the project from beginning to end. He is a hero in my books. After paying off the hospital portion of the bill, we were still feeling the burden of the individual doctors bills which amounted to over $8,000. Well, through a couple contributions together with the personal help of Doctor Wangai, we were able to secure the waivers of the remaining five physicians by Friday 20th July, 2007. Thank God for His care and provision in all of this. Also thanks to all of you who stood with us prayerfully and financially. Jon and Molly feeling light as feathers…

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